Two Knobby Tires covers the Poverty Creek Trail System. My mountain home provides . . .

Eco-X administers The Beast Series and The Lynchburg Ultra Series. See Zealand, below.

David Horton, local guru. Clark Zealand, other local guru (and phenomenologist).

Aravaipa Running. For friends back in the Southwest . . . and a reminder that I should visit more . . .

The Asia Trail Master Series. A couple of these in Southeast Asia on the radar . . .

Jographies. Instant round-up of smart folks writing extra-smart things about running.

I ❤️ Altra Running Footwear. Seriously. “One” for roads; “Superior” for trail; “Lone Peak” for backpacking/hiking.

These socks made in Vermont saved my feet on the Appalachian Trail in Maine and New Hampshire. Darn Tough is darn right.

Enzees. Do this. Also, goodbye “performance” toe socks with weird name not-to-be-named here. You have been replaced.

Avocados . . . Alligator Pears . . . yummy, Avocados . . . they even cuddle and connect eggs to toast